We are a pioneering company specializing in the development and application of advanced technologies derived from human plasma. With a strong focus on non-therapeutic biological applications, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the fields of embryo culture technology and cell therapy. With a rich heritage as a Caltech spin-off, SERABIOTICS has been actively shaping the industry for the past 5 years.

SERABIOTICS, transforming the non-therapeutic application of human plasma

Meet the team

SERABIOTICS, more than 5 years of experience

Our expertise lies in both the development of our own innovative products and our collaborative partnerships with third-party companies. As a trusted partner, we work hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical companies, serving as a catalyst for breakthrough advancements. Our deep understanding of plasma fractionation and media culture manufacturing enables us to bridge the gap between these entities, offering invaluable insights and technological expertise.

Commitment to research and development

At SERABIOTICS, we are driven by a shared vision of unlocking the true potential of human plasma technology. Our commitment to research and development is unwavering, ensuring that our solutions are grounded in scientific excellence and meet the highest quality standards. By leveraging our expertise, we aim to empower the scientific and medical communities to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Our mission is being a reliable partner for the development of human and veterinarian plasma- and blood-derived products for non-therapeutic applications.

We are partners in development that benefits from the richness of plasma and plasma proteome and its multiple applications in several fields (cell culture, embryology, etc.). We adapt to clients’ requests and mold our activities to offer a tailored product.


We envision ourselves as an R&D referent for the most important hemoderivatives producers in the market. We are an innovative company, quality-devoted, and reliable.

SERABIOTICS S.L. is an entrepreneurial multidisciplinary scientists who accompany their clients to obtain new, disruptive, and tailored products.


Our core values are

Scientific Expertise



Partners and customers

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to revolutionize non-therapeutic applications of human plasma. Discover the power of our technology and experience the difference of SERABIOTICS. Together, let’s shape the future of biological innovation.